Hi there, I'm Erick 🍃

I'm a software developer currently based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and working at @Proffer. As an avid learner passionate about open source, I enjoy building things with code and am particularly interested in languages like JavaScript, Ruby and Python, along with their ecosystems. I'm a multipotentialite who loves solving problems and learning new things. Aside from programming and taking care of my child, I like to chill at the beach, wander through nature, and chat about topics like arts, music, history, and philosophy. I also like practicing and watching football and boxing. I passed the Voight-Kampff Test.

Featured Projects


Spotifysplit is a simple fullstack app connected to Spotify via OAUTH 2.0 to see all kinds of music stats. Built for practice. Currently in progress, building it in public. Feel free to fork and use as you like. frotend: Vite + TypeScript + React + TailWindCSS, backend: Node.js + Express.



an e-commerce platform template built with Ruby on Rails, Tailwind CSS, Hotwire and Postgres. Admin panel, shopping experience, filter categories, add items to cart, process secure checkouts with Stripe integration.



A setup kit/starter for node js using deploy first approach and Github Actions.



A simple twitter node bot for test and studies. This app fetches data from a calendar on Airtable and transforms it in a tweet or a thread with an image. It also comes with a cron job to repeat the task everyday.



AI generated vegetarian recipes! you can share it! Built with Node.js, MongoDB, Vite, React, TailwindCSS and OpenAI API(ChatGPT)



PiMageKit is a simple web tool built with Flask for quick image adjustments. Easily remove backgrounds, strip metadata, resize, and crop images. Built as a Python proof of concept for image processing.


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